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In Rudy's Word's...

When I was young, I had a beautiful family. However, my dad drank a lot. Every time he got drunk he would hit us and we would have to leave the house to escape his grasp. We often went to my aunt's house to spend the night. When we came home the next morning, it would happen all over again. After many years of this routine, my father died of his alcohol abuse. Then, a year after his death, our house burned down and we lost the little we had. We were starting over in every way.

My mom continued to work tirelessly to support us. She worked at the garbage dump searching for recyclables. I finally quit attending to school because I had to work to help her. Our mother has supported us as much as she can from that work. It was not a nice job, but it was an honest way to try to make a living.

I had wanted to continue going to school. I had dreams of graduating and having a better life, but I didn't have the chance back then. Suddenly, one day, we saw someone who was handing out bread with anise at the dump. I remember that bread very well. "Who was she?" We didn't know at that moment, but she came and asked me if I was going to school. I told her I had to quit to help my family. Her name was Gabriela. We lovingly call her Miss Gaby. From that single interaction, my life changed completely.

Miss Gaby told me she was going to help me go back to school and I was overjoyed. I'm proud to tell you that I graduated high school in 2016. All of my school payments were covered by Faith Seeds. I graduated with the help of God, Faith Seeds and my family. After graduation I started looking for a job and, again, I received another blessing. I was given the opportunity of joining the Faith Seeds team. I am happy working here and I am doing my best to help the children because I know they are like me.

This year I began college to become a teacher. I will continue helping the Faith Seeds children and will attend school on the weekends. This is my dream and it is coming true.

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