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Gaby Munoz - Founder, Director


 I earned my college degree in Business in 2007 which meant the door to all my dreams had opened, however God had different plans for me. He gave me a vision. I saw myself opening big cages with thick silver bars. As I opened it, there were hundreds of children coming out. I saw myself clothing them, feeding them, hugging them and I heard a voice say “bring the children back to the Father”. I knew I was being called to the children but I didn’t know where or when. We now fighting for the kids from the garbage dump in Xela  to have a life worthy of a child of God. Its such a beautiful adventure! In the garbage dumps, among the bad smells and flies, the dust in the villages, incredible are the places where the love and grace of God have become tangible to me. I would like to thank you and welcome you to this journey of love and faith. A journey where we everyday see prayers answered and dreams come true.

Julio, Program Lead


 Julio is the newest member of our staff and also the most energetic! A dad of 3 himself, we've never seen anyone better at entertaining large groups of children. His demeanor with them has brought so much joy, but also so much respect from this group of kids. We're grateful to have him as part of the team. 


Rudy, Program Lead

"I never thought that the people that came to the dump one day and offered me the opportunity to go to school were in reality the answer to my mother’s prayers.  I graduated High School last year thanks to this team and now it is a dream come true to be paying it forward.  I want to help the children the same way someone helped me. I now can dream about going to college one day and eventually starting my career. There’s no way for me to describe how grateful I am."

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Lily, Program Assistant

"I graduated high school last year and that would have never been possible without the help and love of Faith Seeds. I am deeply grateful  that my life has been forever changed because I was given the opportunity to receive an education. Today, I love being a part of the Faith Seeds team. It is a dream come true to now serve the children of the community I belong to with the same people that helped me."


Carlos, Program Administrator

Carlos has been influential in keeping us organized. With over 200 children and nearly a dozen schools, it can be quite chaotic! Carlos truly enjoys being at the service of the children. He says spending time with them has filled his days with joy and makes him feel very useful in their lives. He is currently attending college for Marketing. 

Meet the Board: Faith Seeds International

Donor Management Committee Chair - Michelle Erford

Michelle is a social worker in Chicago, IL. Michelle has been visiting the children in Guatemala since high school and it has truly become her passion to inspire change in the region. She has been instrumental in developing Faith Seeds from the very beginning through her close friendship with Gaby.

President - Andrew Schmidt

Andy is an attorney practicing in Chicago, IL. Andy began visiting Guatemala when he was in high school and has been involved with Faith Seeds from the very beginning. His knowledge of the law has helped us navigate all facets of being a new organization and his leadership has been invaluable.

Treasurer - Katie Hoepfl

Katie is an engineer in Phoenix, AZ. After meeting Gaby in 2013 & learning about her goals, Katie knew this organization was going to make deep impacts that would shape future generations. Katie helped us set up Faith Seeds in the very early stages and has been involved ever since.

Secretary - Kay Ziegler

Kay is our newest board member, but she was one of our very first sponsors! She is a retired elementary school teacher from Toledo, OH. Her expertise in early childhood education and organizational leadership has been a huge value add for our team.

Board Member - Amanda Styer

Amanda, from Toledo, OH, also began her relationship with the children of Guatemala at a young age. She has been involved from the beginning of our organization & visits the children in Guatemala as often as work allows.

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