2019 Faith Seeds Trip!

You're Invited!

We are so excited to invite you to join us this July to visit Faith Seeds and the beautiful country of Guatemala. You will enjoy a nearly all-inclusive 7 days, 6 nights of fun, adventure and human connection.

July 22 - Arrival in the capital, Guatemala City. Enjoy a nice dinner and get to know each other.

July 23 - Travel to warm and luscious Mazatenango ("Maza") for a nice lunch and then continue on to the culturally rich mountain city of Quetzaltenango ("Xela"). 

July 23-26 - For our three days in Xela, we hope to give you a full experience including getting to know our students, helping out at the school house, visiting the families at the garbage dump where they work and live, surprising some of the students at school and a fun excursion with our youngest kiddos! We will also have time to take in some of Xela's best features.

July 26-27 - A trip to Guatemala is never complete without a final day or two in the gorgeous town of Antigua. Known for it's seemingly endless markets, hikes for all fitness levels, displays of Guatemalan culture, and so much more.

July 28 - Short travel back to Guatemala City for our departure.

Costs? - The trip is $600 + the cost of your flight. You are responsible for booking your own travel, but we will be here to help you as needed. The trip fee includes all transportation within the country, hotels, meals, and all activities with the Faith Seeds children. Bring spending cash for shopping and activities in Antigua.

Language? - Are you worried about not speaking the language? Let us tell you a secret - every single member of the Faith Seeds Board did not speak the language during their first trips many years ago! There are always enough folks around you to help translate. And most importantly, we've learned that kindness and laughter know no boundaries! We promise you will be able to enjoy their company regardless.

Questions? - Ask us! We want this to be the best experience for each and every one of you. The Faith Seeds International Board will be on this trip and they are all experienced travelers in the country. Members of the Faith Seeds Guatemala staff will also be with us throughout the trip. Any questions you have before, during or after the trip we will be able to help you with. 

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Reservations for July 2020 are due by May 29th, so contact us today for more information! 

Ways to contact us:

- Call Michelle @ 419-340-66055 or email her at 


- Use the Contact form at the link below.