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Guatemala has the highest illiteracy rate in Central America. On average, children in Guatemala attend school for only 4 years. For every 10 Guatemalan children who enter the school system, only 4 will graduate from primary school (similar to elementary school) and only 1 will complete lower secondary school (similar to junior high school).

Rural Living

Nearly half of the Guatemala population is indigenous, living in rural areas with limited access to adequate resources and far from any form of formal education.


Over 60% of Guatemalans are living below the poverty line. Many children, especially those in rural areas, are often forced to leave school to help provide for their family.

Public Education

Public education in Guatemala comes with many fees which many families simply cannot afford.

Faith Seed's Solutions



Our scholarships cover 100% of the expenses related to education including: enrollment fees, school supplies, uniforms, transportation, books and extra school activities.

FS School


Our staff teaches supplementary classes after school for each grade level. Each lesson also includes a nourishing meal. We also provide office hours for children to work on their homework & receive extra tutoring, if needed.

Remedial Classes


Many children and adults in Guatemala never attended school before Faith Seeds. Students in this program attend special remedial classes to raise their education level so they are able to eventually attend school with others their age. Our oldest students are in their 20's.



Parents who work in the garbage dumps have no option but to take their young children with them which is very dangerous. Faith Seeds provides a safe and educational option for these families.



The main objective of this program is to contribute to the development of valuable individuals in the community - to embody values such as love, respect, perseverance, peace, kindness and solidarity.

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